Terminal Boxes Surge Modules
Photo of Model 4999  

Model 4999 Terminal Boxes
The Model 4999 Terminal Box allows instrument leads to be grouped in one convenient location thereby saving time when readings have to be made on a number of instruments. Housed in a fiberglass enclosure, the Terminal Box provides a quick and easy means of taking sensor readings. The Terminal Box can handle up to sixteen 4-conductor sensors (e.g. 16 vibrating wire gages with their thermistors) or thirty-two 2-conductor sensors (e.g. 32 vibrating wire gages). It can also be protected from lightning damage by the addition of plasma surge arrestors and a suitable earth ground connection.

Switching Current
0.25 A typical, 4 A maximum
Contact Resistance
50 mW (maximum)
Insulation Resistance
> 10,000 mW
Switch Life > 25,000 cycles
Enclosure Nema 4 fiberglass
Temperature Range
20C to +80C
L x W x H 305 305 152 mm
Other sizes and configurations available (contact Geokon for details).

Photo of Model 4999-12LE


Model 4999-12L/E LAB3 Surge Module
The Model 4999-12L/E LAB3 Surge Protection Board is designed to protect Geokon transducers, dataloggers and power supplies from short duration, high voltage surges that may be induced in the transducer or interconnecting cables. Protection is provided by circuitry including tripolar plasma surge arrestors, transient suppression diodes and inductors.

Breakdown Voltage
6 V, 16 V or 30 V nominal
Peak Current
10 kA (20 s) maximum
Temperature Range 20C to +80C
L x W x H 140 85 70 mm