Digital Signal Processors • Spread Spectrum • Frequency to Analog Converters
Photo of DSP  

Model 8020-47 DSP Digital Signal Processor
The Model 8020-47 DSP Digital Signal Processor is designed to be used with Geokon vibrating wire instruments for the elimination of spurious noise effected readings such as those caused by high voltage electrical cables and other forms of electrical interference. The digital signal processor removes the “errant” data by using proprietary techniques of digital filtering. It is ideal for unattended data acquisition systems where alarms may be triggered by preset threshold values. The DSP can also be directly interfaced with PCs to provide a stand-alone data acquisition system (contact Geokon for details).

Measurement Range 100 - 6000 Hz
Measurement Resolution 100 ns/cycles counted
Operating Power 12 V @ 60 mA
Temperature Range –40°C to +60°C (no display)
L x W x H 200 × 250 × 175 mm (with cover)

Photo of Spread Spectrum  

Model 8020-50 Spread Spectrum Wireless Field Station
The Model 8020-50 Spread Spectrum Wireless Field Station is a self contained, battery powered and wireless modem designed to provide short range, full duplex data communication between Geokon LC-1 and Micro-10 dataloggers and the operators PC. The L.O.S. range is 1.6 km but this can be increased up to 8 km using optional “gain” type antennas. The 902-928 MHz ISM Band Recombinant Spread Spectrum transceiver eliminates the problems of interference common to most short range wireless communication systems.

Power Requirements (internal) 12 VDC, 2.4 Ahr gelled electrolyte sealed lead-acid battery
(external) 18 - 22 VDC, 500 mA, supplied through charger
Internal Charger 400 mA Constant Current, 13.8 V trickle dual-mode
Current Consumption (standby) 65 mA / (transmit) 650 mA
Line-of-Sight Range 1.6 km with 0dB antennas (approximately)
Frequency Range 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz ISM
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C

Photo of 8020-54  

Model 8020-54 VW Frequency to Analog Converter
The Model 8020-54 Vibrating Wire (VW) to Analog Converter provides a simple way to connect Geokon’s vibrating wire transducers to data acquisition systems which are not capable of reading frequency signals nor able to generate the proper signals required to excite VW transducers. The Model 8020-54 can operate with single transducers as a stand-alone device, or with multiple transducers in conjunction with the Geokon Model 8032 Multiplexer. The Model 8020-54 is powered using a 12 V (nominal) supply, or the optional 24 V DC-DC converter can be used to allow powering from a standard 24 V, 4-20 mA current loop.

Power Requirements 40 mA @ 12 V (operation), 50 µA (standby)
60 mA @ 24 V
Operation Modes Single Channel, 16 VW sensors with thermistors,or 32 VW sensors
Output (Analog) 0-5 V and 4-20 mA (scaled to range of transducer)
Accuracy 0.1% F.S.
Resolution 16 bit
Temperature Range –20°C to +80°C
L x W x H 111 x 108 x 36 mm (with cover)