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Photo of LC-1 Single-Channel Datalogger  

Model 8001 LC-1 Single-Channel Datalogger
The Model 8001 LC-1 Single-Channel Datalogger is an easy-to-use instrument for all types of vibrating wire sensors and their internal temperature sensors. It is housed in a rugged, weather-resistant Nema 4X aluminum enclosure designed for use in field environments. Power is supplied by two easily accessible ‘D’ cells or by solar panel for remote long-term applications. 8000 readings can be stored before the oldest data is over-written. Strings of LC-1 dataloggers can be daisy chained using the RS-485 interface and versions are available with radios and modems to provide remote readout capabilities. Complete with Windows® based user friendly software.

Measurement Accuracy 0.02% F.S.
Measurement Resolution 1 part in 20,000
Program Memory 32K ROM
Data Memory 128K SRAM
Temperature Range –40°C to +60°C
L x W x H 115 x 115 x 80 mm

LogWare Screen Shot
LogWare Chart Screen Shot

Model 8001-2 LogWare Software
LogWare simplifies the task of configuration, communication, monitoring, data collection and data reduction using the Geokon Model LC-1 datalogger. The configuration, data collection and monitoring form includes a screen for measurements, intervals, connection and data collection configuration, a real-time text based monitor, a graphical monitor and terminal emulator. The data reduction form includes a data file editor, Excel compatible spreadsheet and charting component. The spreadsheet can load and save Excel v4.0/5.0/95 files and create HTML tables for use on the internet.

System Requirements  
Processor Requirements
486 running at 25 MHz (minimum) Pentium® / Pentium Pro / Pentium II (or equivalent) or higher running at 166 MHz or better (recommended)
Memory Requirements 8MB (minimum), 32MB or more (recommended)
Hard Disk Requirements
12MB (minimum), 20MB or more (recommended)

Photo of 8020 Micro-10 Datalogger  

Model 8020 MICRO-10 Datalogger
The Model 8020 MICRO-10 Datalogger is a versatile low-cost instrument capable of reading practically all types of electrical sensors such as vibrating wire transducers, linear potentiometers, DCDTs, RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples, accelerometers, etc. The heart of the Micro-10 Datalogger is the Campbell Scientific CR10X MCU which serves as a microcomputer, clock, multimeter, calibrator, scanner, frequency counter and controller. The Micro-10 comes in a sealed weatherproof Nema 4 enclosure and includes the Model 8020-47 DSP filter for the elimination of spurious noise effects. User friendly Windows® based MultiLogger software allows easy programming of scan intervals, selection of sensor types, setting of alarms, etc. Data is retrieved by telephone modems, solid state storage module, radios, or satellite transmission.

Specifications (Excitation Outputs)
Range (analog) ±2.5 millivolts to ±2.5 volts
(frequency) DC to 200kHz
Resolution (analog) 0.33 microvolts to 333 microvolts
(frequency) ±60 nS/no. cycles measured
Accuracy (analog) ±0.1% F.S.
(frequency) ±0.01% of reading
Excitation Output ±2.5 V at 20mA, Frequency Sweep
(2.5 V peak)
Temperature Range –23°C to +50°C (–55°C to +80°C optional)
Battery 12 V, 7.0 Amp Ahr Gel Cell
L x W x H 356 x 305 x 152 mm

Photo of 8032 Multiplexer  

Model 8032 Multiplexer (MUX)
The Model 8032 Multiplexer expands the number of channels that can be read by the MICRO-10 Datalogger or GK-403 Vibrating Wire Readout Box. The channels are protected against voltage surges with tripolar plasma surge arrestors and bipolar surge arrestors. Optional manual switches may be connected to the terminal board that permit easy access to each channel of the multiplexer for taking manual measurements with a portable readout in tandem with those taken automatically with the datalogger.

Switching Current
0.25 A typical, 4 A maximum
Contact Resistance
50 mW (maximum)
Insulation Resistance > 10,000 mW
Switch Life > 25,000 cycles
Enclosure Nema 4 fiberglass
Temperature Range –20°C to +80°C
L × W × H 305 × 254 × 152 mm

MultiLogger screen shot.  

Model 8020 MultiLogger Software
MultiLogger is designed to get a Micro-10 data acquisition system up and running in a matter of minutes while still retaining the power and flexibility of the Campbell Scientific CR10X Controller. The program provides for selection of interval types and for channel configuration via direct connection to the controller or through multiplexers. Measurement channels can be configured for instrument type and programmed to output temperature corrected data in engineering units. Alarm limits can also be specified.

System Requirements  
Processor Requirements 486 running at 25 MHz (minimum) Pentium / Pentium Pro / Pentium II (or equivalent) or higher running at 166 MHz or better (recommended)
Memory Requirements 8MB (minimum), 32MB or more (recommended)
Hard Disk Requirements 12MB (minimum), 20MB or more (recommended)

MultiLogger DB screen shot.  

Model 8020-2DB MultiLogger DB Software
MultiLogger DB integrates MultiLogger software with SQL database technology for storage and retrieval of data. MultiLogger DB is a collection of highly integrated programs, that includes a TCP/IP based interface to the dataloggers, Network View which displays and configures the dataloggers in the network, Polling Agent which cycles through the network at prescribed intervals, Graphical Monitor which presents a graphical interface for each datalogger in the network, Message Server which transmits email if triggers (alarms) are activated and a data processing/presentation tool, Roobrik, which quickly and easily creates reports, charts and/or spreadsheets of selected data.

System Requirements  
MultiLogger DB Platforms Windows® 95, 98 2000, NT
Database Platforms Windows 95, 98 2000, NT, Unix®, Linux
Unix Platforms HP-UX, Solarix
MultiLogger DB Memory 16MB recommended
Server Memory 64MB recommended
Maximum Number of Clients 150 recommended
Maximum File Size 4GB (2GB Windows 95)
Maximum Database Tables 65,536