Geotechnical Instruments
Following is a brief summary of some projects on which our instruments have been used.


Numerous dams in countries around the world have used our instruments. Countries include USA, China, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Switzerland, Colombia, New Zealand, Kenya, Pakistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. Dams of all kinds are instrumented including rockfill, earth, roll-crete and concrete.


Many subway systems in major cities all around the world have used our instruments. We are a specialist in the supply of instruments for the NATM method of tunnel support. In addition to almost all major cities in the USA, we have instrumented subway systems in Seoul (Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Guangzou (China), Istanbul (Turkey), Hong Kong, Singapore and London (UK). We also have instruments in the Channel Tunnel.


Many mines, both underground and open pit, have used our instruments to monitor the stability of the underground openings or the pit slopes. Mines instrumented occur in USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Guinea and Zaire. Of particular note is a full scale mine wide monitoring system installed at J.M. Asbestos, Quebec to warn of possible collapse of the open pit slopes.


Urban environments require extensive monitoring of the ground around excavations plus the monitoring of the excavation supports themselves, e.g. slurry walls, tiebacks, and cross-lot struts. Many major cities throughout the world have used our instruments in these situations.


We are a leader in the instrumentation of piles, both steel and concrete, driven or cast-in-place. Many important projects utilizing coffer dams and sheet piling have been instrumented, plus pilings on foundations of major buildings in cities throughout the world. The Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest building in the world, in Malaysia uses our gages.

Nuclear Waste Repositories

We have been involved in the instrumentation of nuclear waste repositories in the USA, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. These applications called for special high temperature devices capable of withstanding high radiation levels. Our willingness and ability to innovate enabled measurements to be made where other commercially available devices failed.


Over 300 dataloggers are in use gathering data from important projects throughout the world. Our dataloggers are renowned for their low cost and reliability in difficult environments. Dataloggers are readily adaptable to telephone or radio communications.


Ground Water Remediation

Environmental concerns, requiring a knowledge of groundwater conditions have been extensively monitored using our piezometers and dataloggers.